Signs of Employment Discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orientation

Today, differences in sexual orientation and sexual preference are becoming much more widely accepted, and it is illegal for an employer to ever discriminate against an employee or potential employee on the basis of sexual orientation.  Unfortunately, sometimes such unfair discrimination still occurs, leaving victims of discrimination facing uncomfortable work environments or even losing their jobs.  Even if a person does not lose his or her job based on sexual orientation discrimination, his or her work environment could become very uncomfortable, or a worker could be denied opportunities for advancement that they deserve.

There are, however, signs of employer discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation that you may notice in the workplace.  If you do notice these signs, either directed at yourself or at someone else, you may be able to talk with an employment lawyer about the legality of such actions.  In many cases, employment lawyers all over the U.S. have been able to not only stop discrimination in the workplace, but also prevent future incidents of it.

Signs You Can Look For

While in some cases discrimination is subtle and hard to notice, other signs of discrimination are overt.  If you notice the following changes made after your employer is made aware of your, or another employee’s, sexual orientation, you could be facing discrimination:

  • Sudden and unwarranted firing
  • Sudden and unwarranted cuts in pay rate
  • Undue criticism / bullying
  • Changes in benefits coverage
  • Limits on advancement

Each of these actions might be taken by an employer who is discriminating against a person based on his or her sexual orientation.  But such behavior is not allowed, and victims of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation likely have legal options available to them, especially if they lose their job as a result of illegal and inexcusable discrimination.  However, even if an employee is not fired, they still might be able to receive compensation for the discrimination that they were forced to suffer.

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